app-banner configuration

From the base configuration the following attributes are relevant if you wish to show an app-banner on top of your website. All the configuration parameters living in the [params] section of your config.toml in the root folder of your HUGO project.



appleItunesApp = "app-id=123456789, app-argument=app-name://link/to/app-content"

required if you want to add an app banner with iOS app.


ampManifest = "/amp-manifest.json"

required if you want to add the app-banner feature. This file should be in the static folder of your root HUGO project.

Example amp-manifest.json

  "prefer_related_applications": true,
  "related_applications": [
      "platform": "play",
      "id": "com.app.path",
      "url": "android-app://com.app.path/https/host.com/path/to/app-content"

We recommend reading more in the guide about how to use amp-app-banner partial and shortcode in gohugo amp theme.